Elysor Soria (4G)

Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby

Genotype of Colours: C/cs & probably A/Apb
PKdef N/N and PRA N/N by parentage

Sire: Karwendelberg's Kumar Of Elysor (HCM clear 14/05/2022)
Dam: Eko of Elysor (HCM clear 06/12/2021)

Asian Leopard Cats (ALC) in her bloodline
4G: Zuko
11G: Phantom, Kabuki, Taro

12G: Baghara
14G & 15G: Millwood / Centerwall

Beautiful horizontal flow to her rosettes, no bars, nor any other vertical pattern

Huge jet black spots on her legs

Lovely random small spots on her tail. Nice feature but very big challenge to keep it in the next generation and even more difficult to obtain full-length spotted tail like the ALC.

Remarkable nocturnal eyes (even with closed pupil), small rounded ears and wild expression on her beautiful face