Minileo Ruth (6G)
Imported from Sweden

Seal Sepia Spotted Tabby

PKdef N/N, PRA N/N, HCM by the end of 2022

Sire: Solanaranch Ghost Of Minileo
Dam: Minileo Lady

ALCs in her bloodline
6G: Taro
7G: Elias
8G: Kabuki
9G: Rajah and Baghara

Ruth is a pure perfection of wild elegance, due to a high concentration of wild genes in her bloodline. A very huge thank you to Lovisa at Minileo Cattery for this very special girl that we love to the moon and back.

Baby Ruth pictured by Lovisa in Sweden

Rounded ears, nocturnal eyes, broken M
(pictured by Lovisa)

Spotted legs, spotted thick tail
(pictured by Lovisa)

Ruth arrived in Canada

Lovely spotted legs, amazing profile & tail

No dorsal line

Absolutely no vertical pattern - just spots all over the body, on her 4 legs and from the neck to the tip of her thick tail - exotic like a small cheetah