Minileo Ruth (6G)
Imported from Sweden 

Seal Sepia Spotted Tabby

PKdef N/N, PRA N/N, HCM by the end of 2022

Sire: Solanaranch Ghost Of Minileo
Dam: Minileo Lady 

ALCs in her bloodline
6G: Taro
7G: Elias
8G: Kabuki
9G: Rajah and Baghara

Ruth is a pure perfection of wild elegance, due to a high concentration of wild genes in her bloodline. A very huge thank you to Lovisa at Minileo Cattery for this very special girl that we love to the moon and back.

Baby Ruth pictured by Lovisa in Sweden

❤️ Love at first sight ❤️

Rounded ears, nocturnal eyes, broken M
(pictured by Lovisa)

Spotted legs, spotted thick tail
(pictured by Lovisa)

Ruth arrived in Canada

Lovely spotted legs, amazing profile & tail 

No dorsal line

Absolutely no vertical pattern - just spots all over the body, on her 4 legs and from the neck to the tip of her thick tail - exotic like a small cheetah

IMG_7604 (2).mov