Eko of Elysor (3G)
Born in the USA at SignatureKats 

Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby

Genotype of colours: A/Apb
PKdef N/N, PRA N/N, HCM clear 06/12/2021

Sire: Spottedenvy Greystone
Dam: Signaturekats Sookie

Eko is 3rd generation from the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) Zuko. She's the pillar of our breeding program, taking part at the foundation of our new bloodlines.
A very huge thank you to Samantha at EyeOfTheTiger Cattery and to Kat LaDue at SignatureKats for entrusting me with Eko.

Amazing straight profile, strong chin, thick tail

Huge rosettes 😻 - most of the early generation Bengals (first 3 generations after the ALC) have small rosettes or spots. 

I love those jet black spots on her legs - wild heritage

Huge eyes, rounded ears and very kissable red nose 😘

Beautiful wild expression with black tears pattern ❤️

No words 🤣